What we Do

Developing two application

ekyc & portfolio tracker

As a startup company, we are developing two products (chukul and meroworth). One uses the Artificial Technologies and another deal with huge data

As a trader, we could not find a platform that support short-term and long-term trade. As a result, we developed web and mobile applications for trading management systems.

Similarly, We could not find one satisfactory app which tracks the portfolio in Nepal. This encourages us to develop the portfolio tracker application. Similarly, we would like to give a solution for those people who are forced to go to the bank to update the KYC form.


Chukul, AI based Profit Optimizer and decision support system Chukul is a sophisticated AI based algorithm that aims to predict the trend of Nepal stock market. It is a tool that facilities a trader to make instant decision without having to do any technical and fundamental research. Chukul guarantees a novice user a safe landing in this unpredictable environment of rumor filled share market. It saves a lot of analysis time regarding the rise and fall of the share value. With a single click you can view all the past trends and future expectations regarding the share value of your interest. Moreover, it generates a signal (sms, email, notifications) that predicts the perfect time to buy, hold or sell your stocks for your maximum profit.


Meroworth application (mobile and web) will keep track of your latest net worth.
It is the future project of Pi Tech.